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If you’re experiencing issues with pests and nuisance wildlife in your Pierce County, WA home, then Squash Pest Control is the right choice for you. Our team of dedicated pest control experts specializes in residential pest control, ideal for homes, apartments, studios, etc. 

Let us tell you a bit more about what you’d be getting with Squash Pest Control.

First off, know that we handle all sorts of pests and nuisance wildlife, including:

Don’t see your particular troublesome pest on the above list? Not a problem. Simply give us a call at 253-260-4680 and one of our local operators will gladly clear up any curiosities or questions that you might have. Squash Pest Control is available every day of the week (that’s Monday through Friday), from 7 AM to 8 PM. 

So don’t hesitate to contact us, and get a FREE QUOTE about your residential pest problem today. Our team of experts will give you a rough estimate, based on your particular circumstances, of the overall extermination cost you’re looking at, no strings attached.

Squash Residential Pest Control Action Plan

In our 15+ years of experience in the pest control world, we have developed a foolproof and easy plan to handle all of your pest control concerns. We find it helps to have a plan ready to go so that we can kick it into action as soon as the need arises. Here’s how it goes:

Step 1 – Inspect. First, we’ll take in the situation. This includes looking at entry points, as well as assessing the overall extent of the damage. This will help us come up with an appropriate plan for the situation, in the second stage of our plan. Of course, we will also consult with you during each stage, to make sure we’re coming up with the best possible pest control plan for your circumstances.

Step 2 – Make a Plan. Once we’ve assessed the situation, and have a fair idea of what we’re dealing with, we will begin working on a pest control plan, to get rid of your problem for you. This means determining the type of extermination we will employ (pellets, traps, sprays, gels, etc.). It’s also during this stage that we will be able to give you a rough estimate of how long the extermination will take, and what you can expect from it. 

Step 3 – Exterminate. On our third and final step, we put the plan from the previous stage into action. Our pest control experts will swiftly remove the offending pest or nuisance wildlife from your property. 

After the extermination itself is over, our team is also ready to deal with the aftermath, including the potential repairs, and necessary clean-up and sanitization. It’s important to thoroughly clean an area that had been populated by a wild animal, or insect, so as to eliminate the presence of dangerous bacteria that the animal might’ve been carrying.

On top of all of that, we will also advise you on future preventive measures, to keep a future invasion from happening. Most likely, this will also include scheduling a follow-up visit, to check that your property is thriving, as it should be.

Should you attempt a DIY pest or wildlife removal?

While the Internet is full of tutorials and such, we actually don’t recommend attempting to remove a wild animal from your property yourself (and yes, this also includes insects!). Here is a great resource at aaanimalcontrol.com to learn more about wildlife removal.

The reason why we don’t recommend it is that while many of these creatures are not overly aggressive by nature, they may be moved to attack if they feel threatened. Not having the necessary experience, you risk hurting yourself. Not only that but wild animals and pests also expose you to a range of diseases and bacteria, which you’re far more likely to contract in a head-to-head confrontation with the animal.

Why Squash Pest Control?

We believe the results speak for themselves. For over 15 years, Squash Pest Control has served the areas of Salem, Portland, OR, and Pierce County, WA. During this time, we have cemented our place as one of the most trusted and respected pest control and wildlife removal brands in the area.

Squash Pest Control offers Same Day Service because we don’t want you to be forced to spend any more time than you absolutely have to with the undesirable pest. Furthermore, we offer evening and weekend visits, to accommodate your schedule, as well as offer emergency service, for cases that can not wait. Our dedicated team of licensed professionals is ever ready to take your call, and save your property from nuisance pests and wildlife – so call us today.

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