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Squash Pest Control is one of the oldest, most trusted pest control and removal companies in the entire Salem and Portland area, as well as Pierce County, WA. We specialize in the assessment and swift removal of a wide range of bothersome pests that might be crowding or damaging your property.

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Alternatively, if your Pierce County, WA home has been the victim of undesirable insects or rodents, and you don’t know how to get rid of it, you can call a specialized pest control team today, and get a free quote on your pest problem.

Squash Pest Control will send over a team of rodent or pest exterminators, and they will be able to rapidly assess the situation, and estimate how much it would cost to fix your problem.

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We know how unpleasant and icky it can be to learn you have ants, termites, or any other type of pest prowling along your property. That’s why, at Squash Pest Control, we make sure to respond to every call as quickly as we possibly can.

When you call Squash Pest Control, you benefit from same-day service, which isn’t something that every pest control company can claim. Our team of certified professionals will be there to assess, and minimize the damage as soon as it can, because we don’t want you living with pests any more than you absolutely have to.

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BEST-RATED Pest Controller Near me Pierce County, WA

Why Squash Pest Control?

We’re glad you asked. At Squash Pest Control, we’re not fans of tooting our own horn, but let us give you a few fact-based reasons why we think we’re the best pest control team for your home.

With Squash Pest Control, you’re getting…

We employ only the very best and most qualified team of pest control professionals. We have served the Salem and Portland community for over 15 years now, in which time, we have become one of the area’s most trusted pest control teams.

At Squash Pest Control, we’re proud to affirm that our pest control company is owned and operated locally, right here in Pierce County, WA. Not only are you getting professional, high-quality service, but you are also getting it locally, from within your own community.
We are constantly on the lookout for the most efficient, humane, and effective pest removal methods to rid your home of unwanted critters. We use high-end apparel and innovative technologies, to make sure wildlife and pests are a thing of the past for you and yours.
It’s all good and well to eradicate the existing infestation. However, if you want to enjoy a pest-free home six months from now, you also need to focus on prevention. That means figuring out what attracted the pests to your home, in the first place, and removing that root cause of the problem.
In many pest control cases, time is of the essence, so Squash Pest Control also specializes in immediate, efficient pest removal services, for the benefit of your home.
Last but not least, at Squash Pest Control, we offer same day service options, at no extra charge. Because who doesn’t want to solve their pest or intrusive wildlife problems ASAP?

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